North Star Active Equity Trading

If you want to receive information about potentially increasing your income and net worth by trading equities, become  a better-equipped trader, if you’re struggling to improve, if you’re having a hard time getting to the next level…you’ve come to the right place. Through our stock pick service you can receive information for your trading plan for tomorrow, the trades we’ll be making, the levels where we’ll make the trades, and the reasons behind the trades.

Seeing the recommendations of our experienced traders will teach you something every trade.


We are a subscription based company delivering information on equity trading activity. We aim to motivate clients and others to independently acquire and develop their own potential to earn additional income.

The objective of North Star Active Equity Trading LLC is to improve financial freedom by inspiring individuals to independently learn swing trading equities.
We will solicit all interested parties to take advantage of our service


The company is based in NY. Our goal is to have an affordable subscription rate for our customers.  We believe the value of the information will be far in excess of the subscription rate.  Our objective is to deliver specific and timely active equity trading information to our customers about potential swing trades to earn additional income.

Country of origin is the United States.


If you need assistance with customer service, such as questions regarding your subscription or need to change your address, simply call our staff at 1-800-451-8339 or use this form to contact Support: support@northstaractiveequitytrading.com

Fax number: 917-493-1010.