Beginner Swing Trader Course

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Learn to Swing Trade With Confidence

Discover the process and the mindset that produce high probability swing trades.

To swing trade the market with conviction you need a step-by-step plan. The Northstar Swing Trader Course will show you a system an easy to follow system of how to identify trades with potential for reward and exactly how to determine the proper risk based on your resources.

The method you will learn is broken down into four stages:

  1. How to scan for high probability trades.
  2. The proper mindset a swing trader requires for managing each trade.
  3. An understanding of probabilities and how professional traders measure results for long term success.
  4. The winning psychology for managing yourself when real money is on the line.

Every word of your sales letter, for the first half-page or so, is designed purely to get the reader to keep reading. Everything else is secondary.

The Swing Trading Opportunity

Engaging with the stock market while maintaining your full time job is the best of both worlds. You can supplement your monthly cash flow and keep your income. There is no need for you to jump into the ever changing world of day trading nor plan to wait until retirement for a buy and hold scenario pay off.

Simply put learning to swing trade with an organized system puts you in control. You will learn to track the big money and how to take well managed risk. Swing trade scenarios typically have a duration of 3-10 days.

The strict criteria for identifying trade set ups and how to manage risk in relation to the potential profit on each swing trade will give you confidence to hit the buy button.

The Unique Connection Between Us

Our mission is to improve financial freedom by inspiring you to independently learn swing trading equities.

The goal of Northstar Active Equity Trading is to help you receive a time tested stock trading education, so you can reduce the costly process of trial and error.

Like most, you may not have the time or resources to discover a winning process on your own. This beginner swing trader course is designed to shorten your learning curve and put you in control of your swing trades

Here’s What the Course Holds for You

Delivered in four core sections you will learn:

Section #1

Swing Trading 101: Learning the Basics and Understanding the Stock Market

Section #2

Technical Analysis: How to Identify Opportunities on Price Charts

Section #3

Trade Management: Understanding the Probabilities of a Trade and How to Place Orders

Section #4

Searching for New Trade Ideas: Filtering and Scanning Methods

  • The course is delivered in 13 videos each approximately 30 minutes in duration. This makes each lesson perfect bite sized chunks of education.
  • Your initial training covers the requirements for success as a swing trader and how the stock market operates. Learning the all important function of the stock exchanges and its many players give you a complete picture of why swing trade opportunities exist. This creates a deeper understanding for your trades ideas.
  • Next you will move into how to interpret “institutional order flow” also know as the big money. The larger market participants leave foot prints. In this section of lessons the framework to monitor their activities is laid out in detail so you can be confident you are making good decisions. Learning to read price charts and patterns is the foundation of a good swing trading business.
  • The skill of earning money is different from finding a new swing trade idea. Exact methods of determining risk, share size, profit targets and the proper stop loss are covered. This creates a structured game plan for each new trade. No need to guess, hope or hesitate. Clear instructions are in the course.
  • Finally we move on and explain how to research new opportunities. You will learn how to balance risk and opportunity. Understanding this core lesson will help you allocate money only to ideas that match your unique resources.

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