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Welcome to Northstar Active Equity Trading.

Here you will get, affordable stock trading information and regular emails of market conditions and timely stock picks to profit in both and up and down markets.   You can maximize profits and minimize losses and have a continuous source of fresh trading information.

You will receive email notices  of stocks moving up in the sectors moving up and stocks moving down in the sectors moving down.  More importantly this information  will coincide with upward and downward movement of the markets with the various oscillators that we use.

The combination of our stock pick service and video education will be one of the best,  if not the best return on investment for you at only $25 a month.  We attempt to be the best stock pick service and best value stock pick service on the internet, to empower you and your goal towards financial freedom.

We use various oscillators and indicators to look for good entry points for stocks, etf’s, and leveraged etf’s and inverse etf’s to make money in up and down markets.

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Your Monthly Stock Picking Subscription Includes:

swing trader video

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