Best Stocks to Swing Trade

The best stocks to swing trade are relative to each trader.

There is no hard and fast rule, everyone has different resources, experience and tolerance for risk. Learning how to swing trade stocks that match your goals and resources is a big step to positioning yourself for success.

A guideline that has stood the test of time is to swing trade the market leaders. This is a good start but not a complete answer, let’s get more specific.

To be consistent your swing trading game plan needs structure, you need a reliable method that gives you opportunities that fit your unique circumstances. You should not be trading a volatile stock (one that has frequent price movements that are large relative to the risk you can afford).

At the same time, you need to swing trade stocks that offer opportunity to earn money. This is the balance between risk and reward that you must figure out as you engage with the market over time.

To increase the probabilities scan for stocks in industries that are in sync with the general market and trade the leaders.

Over time you will develop a universe of stocks to scan as opposed to looking through the entire stock market for new ideas. When you trade certain stocks consistenlty you begin to understand their behavior which gives you a certain level of confidence.


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