Money Management Plan for Swing Traders

money management

Many experienced fund managers and traders consider money management the keys to the kingdom. Quantifying swing trade ideas and allocating the correct amount of capital can immediately improve your results before you ever hit the buy button. Money management is

Swing Trading Breakouts

breakout trades

Breakouts are frustrating to swing trade. Not because they don’t pay, it’s because of the win loss ratio. You need an iron stomach to deal with the whip-saw trades until one follows-through. Some of the oldest trading systems are breakouts.

Keeping a Swing Trading Journal

trading journal

A trading journal is like a vegetable. We know we need it but we don’t partake enough. Committed traders keep track of progress and there is no better way to do this than a trading journal. On the surface a

The Cost of Learning to Swing Trade

swing trading

You can read books and watch videos on just about anything today. But until you actually get in the ring, take action and make adjustments, it will be very difficult to be competitive. It takes practice to get good at

Technical Analysis for Swing Traders

breakout trades

Does technical analysis really work to produce high-probability ideas or do we simply see what we want to see? The concept supporting technical analysis is that price discounts the news. We believe as technicians that all factors determining the correct

The Stochastic Indicator for Swing Trading

stochastic oscillator

How do you decide when to exit a winning trade? How about timing entries into new trades? Are you finding better results trading breakouts or pull-backs? The current market has frustrated many talented swing traders. The general market continues to

Is Swing Trading ETFs Right for You?

spy etf

Swing trading sits in an interesting position between day trading and investing. Day traders go home “flat” with no exposure to overnight risk, but that means they are missing out on longer term price action which limits upside potential. It

Is the SPY Showing a Topping Pattern?

spy etf

How many times in the last 3 years have you tried to pick a top? I can tell you from personal experience it is a fruitless endeavor. Having started my career at the end of the dot-com era most active