A Plan for Swing Traders Starting From Scratch

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If you are new to trading the markets it can be overwhelming. Today we are going to discuss simple system of tracking the big money so you can make swing trades with conviction. Step number one is to understand who

Trading Discipline

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Discipline is probably the most often used word by successful traders. It’s interesting that it is such a common answer that it almost gets ignored. Most consider it to be the ability to consistently follow your strategy. An often ignored

Risk Management Is the Key to Long-Term Success

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Would you believe me if I said swing trading has more risk than day trading? It’s true. Risk control is the foundation of survival for all traders. Pure day traders go home “flat.” No over-night risk. You, as a swing

How to Achieve Reliable Profitability


It’s about following a plan, getting comfortable, believing in yourself, and believing you can do it. A lot of times we get people that come into this business and say they have a track record. You look at their track

Setting Your Swing Trading Goals for 2015

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Traders who earn big money are prepared. Traders who struggle react. Which are you planning to be in 2015? Your desire to succeed is a necessity but it isn’t enough. Sure you need to work hard but you also need

How to Swing Trade a Santa Claus Rally


Is Santa Claus coming to town? Each trading year ends with anticipation of a “Santa Claus” rally. Swing traders have visions of higher prices sent from the North Pole so we can end December merrily and profitable. The rally is

Using Moving Averages Like a Pro

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Sometimes we make things more difficult than it needs to be. Most of us open our trading software, slide right past the basic indicators, and seek out something complicated. We mistakenly think simple is too basic to work. The premise

How to Swing Trade at All-Time Highs

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Are you prepared for anything? The market has lulled everyone into a post-Thanksgiving dinner haze. For over two years the market has corrected mistakes or lack of discipline. The problem now is we expect it to happen. Violent price declines

The Mindset for Winning Swing Trades

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I want to specifically touch on something that is an issue that is not talked about enough, but probably should be, and that’s the move over from I’m starting to learn how to read charts, I’m getting involved in the