Northstar FAQ

When will I be charged? As a subscriber for our stock pick service. You are charge $25 on a monthly basis.  This can be paid by credit, debit card or paypal. As a member you will continue to receive our standout stock pick service until you cancel your subscription. We offer no refunds, no prorated memberships, no exceptions.

How are entry prices and exits posted? Stock picks, entries, and exits are sent by email once you have subscribed. While different traders have different time frames and tolerance for risk, you are entirely free to choose your own exit prices, as we post the exits as a guide for money management. Entries are uniform because they are the prices which confirm that a stock is on the move in the expected direction. Some swing traders expect larger moves over several days or weeks, while shorter-term traders may wish to simply take profits on the initial moves. Selecting an exit plan should involve what is best for you. Once you have subscribed you will have complete access to our 6 hour online beginner trading videos to help guide you.

When can I expect to get my stock picks? Every week stock picks will be sent out by email between 8am-4pm Monday through Friday.

How are the stocks selected? We keep several watch lists in our stockcharts portfolio. All of these stocks share characteristics such as volume, volatility, and minimum share price, relative strength, uptrend vs downtrend. These lists are filtered by custom criteria to determine the final candidate list which is screened more closely in search of only the best chart patterns for entry.

Are you ever compensated in any way for recommending the stocks you pick? Absolutely not! We are never compensated for listing or mentioning any stock. We also are only interested in trading stocks that have plenty of liquidity, to reduce the risk of manipulation.  We identify when a move will most likely be made and and then participate in it.

Do Northstar employees position themselves in stocks prior to sending them out by email? We do indeed take the trades in some of the positions but not all to have our skin in the trade. We do not only talk the talk but walk the walk.

Can I pay my subscription by check? There are problems associated with the mail, as well as the additional legwork required to cash checks and wait for them to clear at the bank, which is why we prefer to collect payments electronically via PayPal or credit card on our website

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