Refund Policy and Delivery

Refund Policy

Monthly subscribers may cancel at any time without incurring further credit card charges, but will not be given pro-rated refunds. Regular-priced one-year and two-year subscriptions offer limited money-back guarantees.

Automatic Billing. By providing your credit card information to The Northstar Active Equity Trading LLC you agree that charges will be billed to your credit card for the applicable pricing plan and any additional charges you may incur. Advance automated billing to your credit card will occur on a monthly or yearly cycle (depending on the term you have chosen) on the anniversary of the initial set-up and activation date unless other arrangements have been contractually arranged.

If you need assistance with customer service, such as questions regarding your subscription or need to change your address, simply call our staff at 1-800-451-8339 or use this form to contact Support: Contact Support or . Fax number 917-493-1010.

Method of Delivery;

Unless otherwise stated all content, services and subscriptions will be delivered in a digital format upon purchase or registration. Method delivery is email, or membership site access.

All transactions will be processed in U.S. Dollars (currency)